creating the economy of the future

by including you the consumer, who was once excluded in the economics of shopping

The Shopping Annuity is a global phenomenon and economic revolution. It’s an idea whose time has come.

– JR Ridinger, CEO

Changing Lives.
Build Wealth Smarter.
Unique Business Model.

The UnFranchise business model is brilliantly designed for the average person.

Create a solid foundation for your financial future.

Building a smart, stable, long-term, fair and mutually profitable leverage through the revolutionary Shopping Annuity.

The Next Generation of Shopping

Create an unlimited stream of income, when you shop from YOURSELF.

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The Shopping Annuity® is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers turn their spending into stream of income through SHOP.COM.

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No matter what education or financial background, everyday people can now tap into a smarter side hustle (part-time) business opportunity. People can now open and operate their very own SHOP.COM Worldwide, which allows them to redirect their everyday spending to their own business, as well as developing a preferred customer base.

Arif (Joshua) Setyahardja

Hear what celebrities have to say

I love to shop and I know all of you guys do too, so now we figure out a way to make money at it

Kim Kardashian
Entrepreneur, Model & Actress

i believe in the model that it serves each and every one of you .. the model that serves to take control of your own life .. it's only for people who want to be successful

Eva Longoria
Entrepreneur, Actress & Producer

congratulations for being ahead of the curve .. you're definitely in for what's coming .. the future, that's what you're in to

Gloria Estefan
Singer, Songwriter, Actress & Entrepreneur

doing great work .. helping the world become entrepreneurs

Jennifer Lopez
Singer, Actress & Producer

no longer will it be the best kept secret, they will know Market America like they know Coca-Cola and Pepsi

Joseph Antonio Cartagena (a.k.a. Fat Joe)
Rapper & Entrepreneur

It's worth a shot