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Success is not measured in the amount of dollars you make, but the amount of lives you empower.

Our Story

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We are Selly & Arif (Joshua). We teach ordinary people to be smart, entrepreneurial and turn their everyday spending money into an ongoing stream of income through a proven business system called The UnFranchise Business.

We believe that every human alive should have total ownership of their financial future. Especially in this timely online digital era.

Our mission is simple: To help you thoroughly understand the power of The UnFranchise Business. It is a powerful entrepreneurial vehicle, packed with cutting-edge technology, to help you shop smarter, and create that level of residual income you need – making it last for you and your future generations to come.

We have witnessed that The UnFranchise Business has changed many lives for the better, it is changing ours right this moment and we want you to experience the same.

You must succeed so other people can realise their dreams

JR Ridinger


Understanding Spending Matters


This opportunity is relevant for every human alive, as we all spend money to live.

The question is, where does the money go?

Traditional annuity requires you to change your lifestyle, so that 30-40 years down the road you have money that you can retire on.

With the Shopping Annuity, you don’t have to change your lifestyle, simply change the way you buy things, and that’s going to put money in your pocket.

This is a no brainer. I can stay where I’m at and doing the same thing I’m doing and get paid to do it.


We’ll show you how you can redirect your spending to YOU and in that process creates a stable, profitable and long-term annuity.

1. Launch your UnFranchise business.
[Low Capital].
2. Redirect your everyday spending via your own global business, and create a small retail customer base.
[Low Investment]
3. Start switching to your own private labeled exclusive products (Business 101), while at the same time create earning for shopping at your favourite stores like Macy’s, eBay, Groupon, Raise, Home Depot, Woolworths, Coles, AliExpress and thousands more.
[Low Risk]


Finally, the secret to happiness is to help others succeed.

With The UnFranchise | SHOP.COM business model, we have 100% mutually profitable environment. Plus, you have the right to expand your business with no limit all over the globe. 

Creating a worldwide chain of UnFranchise SHOP.COM partners, with no territorial restrictions, while teaching others to leverage this fair business model and second to none entrepreneurial vehicle opportunity.


Lead The Digital
Shopping Revolution

The UnFranchise Business, SHOP.COM, The Shopping Annuity & You

A Plan For Your Success

A part-time, timely and trendy side-hustle digital business vehicle, to create a solid foundation for your financial success.

Partnership For Your Success

Do you have successful mentors in your circle right now?

We all about people and we work closely according to your goal (your level of income), while providing consumers a better way to shop.

Four Corner Stones For Success

The powerful Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP). The Superior Exclusive Products & Partner Stores. The Shopping Annuity® and The Global Meeting, Training and Seminar System (GMTSS).

You have what it takes